Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I've had to add a new rule.

Rule #5 - I am not going to read "Triton Workcentre 2000 User's Manual : The Ultimate Woodworking Machine". Sorry Pete.

And by the way, the list is up! As it stands, to your right, in no particular order (although I have paired people's books together, those of you who've managed to name two).

No sign of "Lord of the Rings" yet (Matty?), and no two people have named the same book. Good work all of you. I'm surprised and pleased at how many of you are naming children's classics.

I was wondering if anyone would ask me what my favourites are and join me in some reciprocal reading...so far only three people have asked (cheers to Dave, Paul & Pammy). For the record;

  1. "The Children of Green Knowe" - L.M. (Lucy) Boston (contains one of the most haunting, subtly moving moments ever in children's literature, which is a big call coming from me. Move over Watership Down).
  2. "Everything is Illuminated" - Jonathan Safran Foer (you'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll change your life. And there's a great farting dog. Steer clear of the film though).

I'd love to hear what you think of them...and yes, I'm still getting through the first book. I actually read quite slowly. Hence starting this project while I'm still youngish.

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Mum said...

I've read both of those books, Anna, as you heartily recommended them to me. Loved them both, but especially 'Everything is Illuminated'. It is everything you say it is. Thankyou...