Sunday, June 24, 2007

Releasing your favourites

I love Bookcrossing. It's everything books should be - liberated, random, dog-eared and shared. If you love a book, let it go.

You register your book on Bookcrossing, put it in a public place, someone finds it, registers their find on the site and once they've read it they release it into the wild again. It's very exciting when your books get found, or better yet, you find a book! I've been a bit slack with it of late, so this reading list gives me a whole new way to release books into the wild (affordability permitting - don't think I'll be buying a copy of The Cook's Companion to set free). In the event of me having to do much reviewing all of a sudden (5 books down, 4 to much junior-fiction-zaniness I'm starting to twitch - and not in a bird-watching way), in the interim I'm releasing a good ol' Wordsworth Cheapo Classics copy of Huckleberry Finn into the wild tomorrow morning, outside my belovedbelovedbeloved Rowden White Library. Hopefully a finder will register their free book!

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