Thursday, October 9, 2008

Due dates

This morning I lent a dvd to a borrower and stamped the due date in the front (yes, we still stamp date slips at the Rowden White Library).

Me: "There you go."

Borrower: "Thanks. When is it due?"

Me, looking at the dvd: "In a week."

Borrower: *horrified pause, staring at my 6-months-pregnant belly* "A week??!!"


Kirsty Murray said...

A week! How exciting! That is one ripe belly you have there. Can't wait to meet the bookish babe.


Anna said...

Well, her dvd was due in a week.

Me, I got 3 more months of being kicked in the bladder.

Colleen said...

Does the baby get fined if it's over due? 25c per day?

BTW you left your fab cake tin at chez Gabe/Colleen/Sean. It shall be returned to you with a light pink stretchy cross-over top inside. Not a bad deal...muffins for clothes!

Anna said...

Definitely fines will be in order. And if he goes too far overdue, he will be ordered to pay replacement costs. Sanity replacement.

I've got your tart dish (ooh-err) too...I ate 3/4 of that pie the next day. Then I felt all funny.

Clothes! Hurrah!

Penni said...

At six months pregnant I looked 11 months pregnant with twins. Well with Una anyway.

But you stamp your books! How cute! (is that patronising? Cause I don't mean it to be).

Anna said...

It IS cute - and much more useful than a printed receipt that you lose within 0.1 seconds of borrowing your book.

I like seeing old date stamps going back to the 70s...