Saturday, March 3, 2012

Poems in the wild

A gal needs a project.

All right, this specific gal needs a project.

To play this game I will need:

  • A pack of playing cards (King's Excel Casino Quality High Slip, for those of you playing at home)
  • Some white adhesive labels
  • 52 poems
  • A Twitter account @poemsinthewild
  • To go to bars and cafes (it's a tough life)

The idea, which appeals both to my love of found objects and my love of bars, is this:

  • Each week I'll write a poem on the back of a playing card (hence the white adhesive labels, there isn't much white space on a playing card on its own), along with the @poemsinthewild Twitter name.
  • I'll leave the card somewhere in Melbourne (most likely in an aforementioned bar or cafe).
  • I'll tweet the location (and suit) of the card through @poemsinthewild, and hopefully someone will find it and tweet me. Or maybe they won't, and the poem will end up floating in a gutter outside the State Library.
  • Either way, the following week I'll post the actual poem on this blog, along with the location of the next poetic foundling.
I'm not entirely sure how this idea evolved, I wanted to do something that involved regular poetry-writing, but not daily (because it tends to do my freakin head in). I also really like the idea of sending/leaving something for a random stranger (hence my past flirtations with Bookcrossing and Postcrossing and Swap-Bot). And the whole 52 cards in a pack, 52 weeks in a year thing is kinda neat.

So - the first poem will be released into the wild this Friday 9th March. I'll keep you posted.



Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Have you started? Has anything been found yet?

Anna said...

I'll release the first one this Friday (must remember!)...I'll post about it on Twitter too :)