Saturday, August 4, 2012

Poems in the wild #21

 Slightly out of numerical order, but poems #20 and #21 have both been given to friends to release, and #21 (Jack of diamonds), given to Essie, Sajee & Arty to release in Perth was released first, so it is blogged first! 

It was released at Cicerellos, Fremantle (which looks rather nice):

Play out slowly to mountains
Concrete and iron sprout
leaves and sandstone.
The city escapes me and
narrows my track to parallel.
Laburnum reads as Laudanum.
I never clacked along
this daydream til today.
Am I the only one gone
this close to the end of the line?
Warm sun wires my
ticket checked twice.
Not valid for zone two
no one cares, I am the 
golden traveller today. 
All fine.

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