Sunday, September 16, 2012

Poems in the wild #26

Poem #26 (5 of spades) was released in Aesop's Attic bookstore in Kyneton. I'd never been here before, and it's rather a good spot (2nd hand and new books). I was rather hungover, but the second breakfast was starting to kick in.

Cats only smile when
they're upside down
but those cheerful dogs
split into grins at the 
dropsloop sideways
of brown and pink jaw.
Everything happens
so much if you're
a dog or a human so 
we may as well just unfurl
our tongues because
who can really be content
to only smile upside down?

This poem came from watching @jellyjellyfish and @pmatessi talk about the very useful @DogSolutions tweets. Dogs, they wise.

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