Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tolly needs a new home

UPDATE 26/11/2012
Tolly has been adopted by a lovely Twitter peep @matonman1, to be a friend to his younger cat Mamie (who looks a lot like a young Vada, Tolly's old housemate!) I am so pleased and I hope they will be great friends. Thankyou to everyone one who has helped out here, and thankyou especially to @matonman1


Due to [redacted rant] beyond my control, I'm once again looking for a new home for my cat Tolly. He has lived with my with my ex-husband since we split, who now isn't allowed to keep him. I can't have him either.

Lovely Tolly needs to find a new home! Can you help? Please?

He's a male domestic short hair, de-sexed and microchipped, 9 years old. Healthy as a horse, very affectionate and used to children (he's had the trial by fire of growing up with my 3 year old Luka!)

He is used to spending a lot of his time outside (and prefers to do his business outdoors, but he knows his way around a litter tray too).

If you can give him a home, or know someone who can, please contact me at Tolly is currently living in Ivanhoe, Vic.

Here's some happy snaps of the boy himself:


Stella S said...

He is very cute! I would love to have him! I am going away over Dec/Jan though. If he is not taken by then, please give me a buzz :)

Anna Ryan-Punch said...

I definitely will!