Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Need something to read?

 Need something to read? Preferably not gold-stickered by the Women's Weekly Book Club?

My nicely corporeal boyfriend and reading-machine @timsterne has blog where he is writing about each of the books he reads this year (and other stuff, because that's what is blog).

He is funny and and excellent writer (I'd say I was biased but I thought that before we hooked up anyway), and he mostly reads things I've never heard of so it's a nice antidote to the FTBCOD (First Tuesday Book Club of Doom).

Head over to Respectable Street.

There's also sometimes guest appearances by Luka's ludicrous super-hero figurines.


greenspace said...

I don't know Tim at all, and I think his book reviews are very readable and enjoyable. I specially approve of his including classic kids' novels.

Anna Ryan-Punch said...

Thanks Deborah! And I agree :)