Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poems in the wild #43-45

Poems #43-45 have been released in the poetry display in the Rowden White Library, 2nd Floor Union House, Uni of Melbourne. (Long walk from my office).

Poem #43 (5 of hearts)

The address you'll always want
to keep to yourself
is down a cobbled alleyway
it rolls about in wrought iron charm
and pots of red geraniums.
This is the photo of France:
we all take it. Scrolled up
in a box somewhere is the truth:
everyone wants to Know Paris.
An angled shot: graffiti whimsy,
stone corners, navy metal signs.
Jean de Florette stabbed
offstage with a
stale baguette.

Poem #44 (queen of clubs)

Everything is always available.
Children curl over the rough table.
There came the crash, they say.
Petrol became too much, too much.
We are lucky, they say.
We have the chickens, the cow.
They shrug their iron shoulders.
We send them to school.
With rice and beans and tortilllas.
Everything is always available.
We send them every day,
they say.

 Poem #45 (7 of clubs)

If you think maybe you should go,
What do you need?
There was a night I was packed.
His nappies and little pyjamas
were in the basket underneath.
Baby Panadol, dummies.
In the top bag: my glasses,
some underpants, hard drive,
phone charger, a top.
In the end, I went to bed
on the couch. If you think
maybe you should go; go.

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