Monday, July 15, 2013

Poem #49 found - 340km from release point!

Yesterday I had an exciting email from Ross S, who found poem #49, that I released into the sea off the breakwater in Warrnambool, in a jar of two-fruits. It swam a long way!

Ross says:

Hi Anna, 
   Just returned from exploring some wild beaches & thought you'd like to know your poemsinthewild ace of spades card in the two fruits bottle was washed up amongst the high tide treasures at Cotters beach on the west coast of Wilsons prom, about 340 k's (shortest route) from where you launched it.

He also attached a photo, my zip-lock sandwich bag appeared to work well:

Of all the poems least likely to be found! Nice swimming, two-fruits. In case you want to see how far it travelled (and enjoy my nice wobbly line drawn in Paint):

I should throw all my poetry into the sea! Thanks for emailing me, Ross. Made my day!

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