Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Moveable Fest, Week 2: In the Loop, The Seventh Seal, Targets

The Seventh Tim
Week 2: Tim's Choice

In the Loop 

Tim: "See! You can watch comedies!" I don't watch very many, it's true, it goes against my love of UNRELENTING CRUSHING DESPAIR. I do, however, love swearing a lot, and shouty angry people, and James Gandolfini being threatening with his nose-breath. So this was always going to be a winner. Now I am allowed to graduate to comedy tv series. Fuckity bye!

The Seventh Seal

I vaguely assumed this was going to be a Very Worthy Film Requiring Effort, but there turned out to be a much less meditating on grand scenery and lengthy silences than expected. Instead, there was lots of laughing and plague! Conversation between me and Tim prior to watching:
Me: "I'm imagining The Seventh Seal is a charming film about a boy and his series of semi-aquatic marine mammal pets."
Tim: "Sammy the Seventh Seal."
Me: "And Alex."
Tim: "He's the sixth seal."
Me: "And the fifth seal is the guy who sang Kiss from a Rose."
        "The fourth is Roof Seal. Roof Roof!"
        "This is getting sealier and sealier!"
        "The third seal is a Window Seal. (I'm getting desperate)"
Tim: "The first and second are stray otters with identity issues."
Me: "Pull the otter one!"
        "I'll stop now."
Tim has to put up with a lot.


I'd never heard of this film, but I like a good bit of shooting from the rooftops. As Tim found out, this film was bizarrely conceived based on Roger Corman's prerequisites of: "You've got 2 days of Boris Karloff, and you have to use 20 minutes of my old film somewhere in there." Oddly enough, it works, and a massacre with no real motive behind it (apart from a bit of "I'm having strange thoughts") is much better than knowing too much about the murderer's mummy issues. I also learned that if there's a sniper at the drive-in, DON'T OPEN THE CAR DOOR BECAUSE IT TURNS ON THE LIGHT.

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