Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Moveable Fest, Week 13: Celine et Julie Vont en Bateau, White Material, Skylab

Probably time to leave?
I've gotten a bit behind, haven't I? Let's have some world famous four-sentence reviews to catch up...

Week 13: My Choice

White Material

Isabelle Huppert stubbornly continues to run her family's coffee plant in an unnamed part of Africa, despite impending war, rebel violence, and repeated warnings to leave. This is fast becoming one of my favourite films, though it's taken repeated viewings to work out the sequence of events. Incredibly threatening, atmospheric and mesmerising, with a brilliant soundtrack. The scenes involving child rebel militia, and their treatment, are especially chilling.

Celine et Julie Vont en Bateau

I get off easy here, thanks to Tim's post (and my less than informative introductory paragraph). But this remains my both my favourite film of all time, and probably the film I've watched the most times in my life (though it could be equal first with The Castle for number of viewings, actually). For my favourite film to be over 3 hrs long, there must be something that draws me back to it for re-watchings. And not just the Petite French Boob.


Topping off an accidental week of all-French films is Julie Delpy's delightful 70s sort-of-bio-pic. 11-year-old Albertine (sort-of-child-Julie-Delpy) and her massive, eccentric extended family gather for a day-long lunch in the French countryside. The children eye each other off and attempt small forays into adulthood, while the adults themselves drink, eat, argue and gesture (ie. they do what most characters in Julie Delpy films do). It's highly likeable, nothing terribly bad happens, and there's a nice mix of nostalgia, awkwardness and warmth.

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