Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rowden White Library!

My beloved home away from home (I suppose some would call it my workplace, but what other workplace has a room full of beanbags so the tired/pregnant can sleep in their lunch break?) is having a special day.

The Rowden White Library is turning 70! Just look at old RW, he's in the mood for celebratin':

We're having a party.

You don't have to be a member to come along. Past students/library lovers/people with nothing else to do welcome.

There will be booze, and cake, and Alice Pung.

And library staff in costume. We have a habit of this:

Do Come:
Date - Wednesday August 13th, 3pm
Place - Rowden White Library, 2nd Floor Union House, University of Melbourne

Fellow liberrian Aimee and I are making the slideshow for the party (like the ones you have at your 21st, except longer and with less photos of you in the bath or dressed up as a gollywog), so we've been finding old photos of the RWL from the Student Union archives.

This is the library in its gentlemanly original incarnation:

But my favourite photos are from the 70s. Gotta love Listening Lounge hallway pashing:

And novelty shoulder massage*:

Wonder whose boobs they were?

So yes, come party, eat cake, hear Alice, see me dressed up as the SF/Fantasy Collection, and go 'yay 70 years of library'.

* Boob-on-shoulder massage is no longer provided as a service at the Rowden White Library.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha, you are funny!