Friday, August 8, 2008

Comin' over all judgemental

This year I was convenor of the
Premier's Literary Awards Young Adult Prize, which was a somewhat crazy amount of reading to attempt when you're suffering from morning sickness and pregnancy-related tiredness that requires sleep during all the times when I normally read (ie. on the train, during my lunch break, on the train, after dinner).

Yet somehow it was done! Now I have to find room for 65 extra books on my shelves. Although I probably don't need another copy of The Stone Key - anyone want one?

The shortlist was announced today. I think we chose good, go judging team. The winner (not tellin') will be announced on September 1st.

But more importantly, I had to choose a photo to put on my judge's bio - which I thought would be easy enough, until I discovered every recentish photo of me either stars me pulling faces:

or with a silly hat on:
or with bits of Paul's hair on my face:
Finally settled on this one (after cropping out the ubiquitous wine glass).



Kirsty Murray said...

Love the Stalinist version of you - it's got your 'I am the convenor/boss/general of this judging panel and you will obey' sort of expression.

Anna said...

I considered that one actually - to reinforce the 'critical bastard' image I've worked to hard to perfect.