Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Luka Wilkins Fearne

This is Luka:

He whooshed into our lives at 6:49am on Saturday 17th January, at 3.77kg (8 lb 5) and 53cm, after 14 hours of labour, augmentation by synotocin drip as he changed his mind mid-stream, and finally forceps administered very gently by my lovely obstetrician. Paul didn't pass out and Tracy passed her driving test 6 hours later, despite not having slept since Thursday.

I love epidurals, everyone should have one.

I love the Cabrini Hospital midwives, everyone should have one.

My new claim to fame is that initially my waters broke spectacularly and voluminously all over the floor and then contractions started - just like in the movies. My faith in Hollywood restored.

And look what we have now! A strange little creature that does starfish impressions and stares at me like I'm the most interesting thing in the world.

We think he's pretty nice.

A dearth of blogging will now ensue.


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Penni said...

Oh what a sweetheart. Everyone should have one of those too.

SouthernFriedFeminism said...

So sweet! I love your humor about the whole birthing part! I love, love reading birth stories :)

Yours doesn't scare me, and always restores my faith.