Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A word of advice...

So there's a bazillion childcare books out there.

I tend to keep looking until I find one that says what I want to hear, then I point at it if someone questions me.

Swatting aside unsolicited advice, one of the joys of motherhood...

Still, I thought I'd solicit some:

What's the best advice you were ever given as a mother?

And what was the worst?

PS. The photo is Luka, now 5 weeks, with his "after bath" hair and "after feed" stare.


Gabe said...

I can see a nascent Paul hairstyle emerging!

Laura said...

That's funny - that was a topic in the last Boobs Magazine.

I think my favourites so far are mostly aimed at mums of babies:

*Don't try to be everything to everybody.

*If the baby goes to sleep in a dirty nappy or under the wrong number of blankets, resist the urge to fix it. Is it worth waking them up?

*Will you look back and wish your floors had been cleaner, or that you'd played with the baby more?

*Have you tried a nipple shield?

And for parents of toddlers:

*When you feel you must tidy up (a fairly pointless exercise), do it by going from room to room with a big basket so you won't have to backtrack.

Anna said...

I'm so in favour of the dirty nappy one. If he goes straight to sleep after the 4am feed, there's no way I'm waking him up.

And yes, the Paul-hair thing occurred to me too...

innernana said...

Best one I've heard is to take out the vacuum cleaner and leave it in your hallway or by the front door. When people come to visit you can say, 'Oh, I was just about to clean up'. From that point on you can live in squalor, and if you have really lovely friends/family they should offer to do it for you!

PS/ Two favourite books of mine to add to the list: 'What I Loved' by Siri Hustvedt (though I see it's got another fan) and 'numberninedream' by David Mitchell.

simmone said...

hello anna - i thought I'd write and say congratulations!!! luka is v. beautiful ...i hope he's got his charley harper's abc book!

re: baby books. I liked buddhism for mothers ... not all of it, but enough of it. It seemed to be the only one saying 'you are not in control.' and now I'm in the montessori wilds ...

stay well,

Melie said...

Great pix to show Luka when he will be older ,)

Colleen Boyle said...

My retrospective advice to myself, day two in hospital after giving birth to Gabe: 'no, no, no dummy!'

And there's this thing called sleep school...awesome.