Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm trying really hard... do things, despite a small creature who occasionally decides that breastfeeding 10 times a day for weeks at a time and grizzling in between those feeds is a fun thing to do.

Things I am trying to do:

1. Read Jenny Valentine's "The Ant Colony" and Suzanne LaFleur's "Love, Aubrey" to review for Viewpoint's next issue.

2. Stockpile enough expressed milk so that I can go to 3 films at MIFF. Which is a lot of washing, sterilising, pumping, washing, sterilising and pumping.

3. Actually read the MIFF program and work out which 3 films I both want to see and can get to see on Paul's days off.

4. Keep reading "A Suitable Boy" for my Favourites project.

5. The washing.

6. The dishes.

7. Not buy takeaway.

8. Be attentive to friends.

9. Wash my hair.

10. Be nice to my lovely husband at all times, even at night.

11. Read books to Luka.

12. Understand that breast milk only takes 90 minutes to digest, so yes, he is allowed to be hungry a lot.

13. Write in my diary.

14. Answer the 10 penpal letters currently in my "letters to answer" pile.

15. Email my mum lots of photos and videos of Luka to show my dad before he goes back into hospital this Friday.

16. Not worry about my dad.

I'm trying really, really hard.


simmone said...

if you get even two of these things done you are a genius. winter sux from now on I am going to the south of france every July... (or at least south of melbourne)

Anna said...

Can I come?

At least the Viewpoint reviews and *maybe* the hair washing will get done. Have deadline, will do...