Friday, May 6, 2011

Common timelines

(based on suggestions from @_camer0n, @Quadelle, @marklawrence)

Accustomed to background chatter

Washes around like warm pub air

Local watering hole wrapped in a

Conversation management system.

If velvet monkey fingers have no

Hamlet to whicker out on the glass

Watch work-crap outbursts and

Let scroll the televised one-liners.

Snooze out goodnights and goodbyes

Odd comforts across time zones.

Wander down to the internet common

Someone’s always up for ice cream.

The cheer is crystal, no translation

from the latin is required. We all know

what #teamjellyjellyfish means.

If we don't, it doesn't even matter.


Today’s poem is based on suggestions from three peeps:

  • @camer0n: “ *imagines snoozing* HTML/CMS/BUTTON-MONKEY/WORK-CRAP Maybe not idea just outburst.
  • @Quadelle: “Goodbyes”
  • @marklawrence: “Being off Twitter.”


Twitter reminds me a bit of the Junior Common Room at college, while @matchtrick has likened it to a local pub. There’s a conversation going on pretty much all the time, and you can wander in and quickly be brought up to speed: “What are we talking about? Baboon boners? Ok.” Sometimes you miss out on hilarity and wish you’d been awake. Sometimes the conversation gives you the irrits, so you wander off. If you’ve got nothing to say but need some distraction, you can just hover in the background and watch. Sometimes Twitter is a lifesaver. Today, Twitter has been an epic place for friends.

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