Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mascara Literary Review

I'm very pleased to have a couple of poems and a review published in the new issue of Mascara Literary Review. It's my first try at reviewing a poetry collection, so I spent far too much time on it. Hopefully my careful reading and re-reading has done it and the poet justice!

I rather like having things published in online journals (especially online journals who pay you in cold hard cash. Well, glowing electronic cash, actually, but you get the point).

Joining me in issue 8 are poets Anthony Lawrence, Michele Leggott, Andy Kissane, Marlene Marburg, Ashley Capes, Ali Jane Smith, Nicholas YB Wong, Mal McKimmie, Margaret Bradstock, rob walker, Jennifer Compton, Judith Beveridge, Sue Lockwood, Anis Shivani, Brook Emery, Philip Hammial, Aidan Coleman, Sam Byfield, Tricia Dearborn, Peter Lach-Newinsky, Desh Balasubramaniam, Michael Sharkey, Alan Pejković, Jo Langdon and Sridala Swami.

Submissions to Mascara's special poetry issue are now open until September - prose poets, sharpen your pens!

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nixwilliams said...

yay, congratulations!