Thursday, June 23, 2011

Melbourne By Dusk

Melbourne By Dusk is an excellent project that was started by David Witteveen and Angelica East as part of the Emerging Writer's Festival this year.

"Melbourne by Dusk mixes photography and flash fiction to explore the overlap between our city and our imagination.

(Flash fiction is just a fancy term for really, really short stories.)

It is part of the 2011 Emerging Writer’s Festival.

Our core idea was to take a photo of something real in Melbourne, and then write an urban fantasy story that riffs off the picture.

Here’s what you can submit:

A PHOTO for David to write a story about.

A STORY. These can be inspired by the “seed” photos we put up. Or they can be your own stories that Angelica can then take photos for.

Stories should be 20-200 words, and urban fantasy/weird/surreal. (Include the Seed Number, if any, so we can match them up.)

YOUR OWN PHOTO/STORY combination. (Again, 20-200 word stories, urban fantasy, etc.)

SOMETHING ELSE that meets the theme - music, poetry, video, quotes, artwork…"

This was my effort - a flash poem (if that's a thing) about a photo of Flinders Street Station.

Go forth and submit your own!


Cameron Mann said...

Something very commanding in that "Go forth and submit your own!" it seems.

Just did. That's something new for a Thursday.

Thanks for your time. Will let you know when/if it's through moderation.

Anna said...

Glad to hear my commands work on somebody (they certainly don't work on my 2yr old).

Excellent! Look forward to seeing it, Cam.

David Witteveen said...

Thanks, Anna. Glad you're enjoying the project.