Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Points of eclipse

(based on suggestions from









Every weekend I cook like I’m the first man in space.

Like it’s never been done before and I’m standing

upside down on a plate, looking up at earth from the moon.

At the first point, I’m only a penumbra to my body.

I can fit inside Cinderella’s pumpkin even after

she abandons her coach. I can slide through

the centre of a donut and the holes in a slice

of Jarlsberg. I can wisp about so brilliantly

that the steam from a hot pie drifts me about the kitchen.

It warms my bones like an oven sleeping on my feet.

I aspire to the colour of Irish Cream. It’s the sheen

on my arms that red wines the river of my arteries.

Veins and irises of curacao, lips of Chambord.

At the second point, I’ve upgraded to umbra.

I block out the light of the moon I’m cut thick

from a wheel of Wensleydale. You can’t hold me

up to the light any more. I don’t need a rainbow

of cheeses sung at me because I’ve brought my own

pot of gold foil wrapped around a camembert.

Break out the crackers, crack out the breaking point.

At the third point I am no longer holy. If I forget to wear

a bra, will you bite your lip, say “um?” and remind me?

I point my tongue and set words alight to warm your ears.

I see the moon rise like a cookie and it makes me

the happiest monster. What other things start with C?

Ah, who cares about the other things. Antumbra is

good enough for me. I don’t need a telescope, I can see

it from here. Grab it like a hot pancake, flip it one-handed.

Plate it up, don’t need fork or spoon. Stick my flag in the top

and say I’m the first one who came here. Name it after myself.


Today's poem is based on suggestions from eight peeps:

  • @sushipyjamas: "Upside-down-ness"
  • @xutraa: "Warmth and the steam from hot pies."
  • @GretasTARDIS: "donuts! Irish! Ears!"
  • @snazzydee: "Umbra. Or "ummm....bra?", which would also be entertaining though very different."
  • @pinknantucket: "What about cheese, for #cheeseavatarday? (ping @koosli). Specifically, Wensleydale."
  • @realnixwilliams: "pumpkins"
  • @marklawrence: "red wine. I wish I had some tonight. sigh.”
  • @antipodeankate: "the first man in space"

Penumbra is when only part of the light source is obscured (what I call a 'fingernail moon'). Umbra is when the whole light source is blocked from view (eg. a total eclipse). Antumbra is when the blocking body is contained like a disc within the light source (as in a solar eclipse). That didn't make any sense did it? Here, pictures.

And there's a bit of Cookie Monster in there, for good measure.