Friday, May 4, 2012

Poems in the wild #8

Poem #8 (2 of clubs) was released by my spiwited assistant @timsterne on a "mystery train" at Southern Cross station. It was a mystery train because it was supposed to keep going through the loop, but then they ordered everyone off, and it pulled out of the station on its way to who-knows-where in the wilds of Melbourne. Probably Flinders St. It is still on the loose, as far as I know.

One takes another by the hand
to prayer. Pages, fingers.
All take each one by the feet
to dance. Hoppers, splinters.
Another takes another
by the hips to fuck. Hands, heat.
All take another by the veins
to breathe. Blood, beat.
All known by one. Scrapes,  a kiss.
Another known by all.
Blisters, bliss.

Poem #9 will be released later today...

As an aside, I'm going back to full-time work next week, so I'll no longer have Fridays off. Poems will be hastily written and transcribed onto playing cards somewhere between me dropping Luka off at daycare, emptying the returns boxes, spending library funds at Readings, turning the records over, and picking up Luka again. (I make library work sound so professional. No wonder people always ask "Do you need a degree to do that job?" The answer to which, by the way, is yes you bloody do, and you also need excellent taste in music, books and novelty knee-socks. And strong arms.)

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