Friday, May 11, 2012

Poems in the wild #9

Poem #9 (ace of clubs) was released in the little programs box outside the Carlton Courthouse Theatre in Drummond Street, Carlton. I was forced to sit over the road in Markov Place and have a glass of wine while I watched to see if anyone picked it up, but there were no takers by the time I had to leave to pick up Luka from daycare.

When you say 'immaculate' 
I think of fingernails
The precious painted claws, 
I want to drink the colour back
into your face and push your habit 
of decay bang off the rails.
Only in the tales of men 
do hunters kill the wolf
When did you file your canine 
points to bluntness,
sifting dust among the figurines
so tamed and bloodless,
caged beneath your roof?

I've decided now that I'm back at work full time I'll release the poems on Saturdays - otherwise they're ALL going to be released in Carlton, and we don't want to show favouritism, do we?

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