Monday, May 7, 2012

We both bought t-shirts

(A poem cut together from texts. I'd forgotten I'd written this.)

It would be darker in the morning.
I pick my battles, perhaps
even if it’s clearly more of a stifled yawn
a relay race for people who have lost interest.

I haven’t had a shower and I’m in yesterday’s makeup
Exhausted, asleep, but missing you still
thinking of you up there all alone
small is important too.

Then the usual domestic shite
I dreamed I was at Big W with you
I have mellowed over the years
we both bought t-shirts.

Get your subconscious to role-play it
I would be happy just to see if
I loved bolting into town
any time/place/dress code.

It’s excellent indoor weather
the sky is appropriately grey and
all buses pass my place at some point
you might want to buy an umbrella.

Leaned down and caught the scent of you on a cushion.
I open my eyes, and yours are shut
every time I look at my watch I am closer to
seeing the longing in my heart.

We could have a little while together
even better, it will keep happening
so much work into that mix
I will also finally feed you an oyster.

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