Monday, July 16, 2012

Poems in the wild #17

Poem #17 (8 of hearts) was posted over to @kirsty_l in Queensland for her to release.

She tweeted: #poemsinthewild #17 released at the bus timetable stand at Brisbane Council Library, Indooroopilly Branch:

want the balloon on the ceiling
round and green gone as high
as it can go. String hangs straight
down (and straight up).

a bunch of grapes is a race
I need more because my mouth
is smaller, your mouth is big
sometimes your lips go thin.

balloons are floating fruit
if we pop them there's juice
all over the couch, sticky
and your lips disappeared.

we can share the grapes
and balloons and the juice
my mouth and your mouth
pop them in, smiling.


Kirsty said...

My niece had such fun with this, Anna (that's her hand in the photo). You've inspired her--she was talking about doing something similar herself. She kept saying 'Poems In The Wild' in a dramatic voice. Thanks for letting us participate in your project.

Anna said...

Oh that's delightful! :)

Anonymous said...

On arriving at work today at Indooroopilly library I spied a playing card near one of the work stations. Who knew what a delightful treat it would turn out to be. Someone must have found it and handed it in. I was thinking of putting it into a book but our patrons are so lovely that anything they find in a book they always hand back in to us. I'm going to re-release it into the wild. Any requests/suggestions as to where?

Anna said...

Ooh, wonderful! It's so exciting when the poems are found :)
Perhaps you could release it in a bookshop instead, if you think it will be handed in in the library.
Anna :)

Kirsty said...

This poem has legs! Or is that wings, given the balloon imagery? Who knows where it will turn up next? The story continues...

Anna said...

Maybe it's got gas?