Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poems in the wild #18

Poem #18 (2 of spades) was released on the coat donation box in Lygon Court:

Gather my thighs in a bunch
sing the songs of hungry girls.
Stalk clothing stores at lunch.
If the hanger is wooden,
I can 't buy the dress.
If the mannequin is fatter
I can afford anything.
Plasticise habits into accents
approaching diacritical status.
They're admitted, warding off
health professionals.
If hospital was a boutique
fluffy slippers would shoe the
next top model. Tie-back gowns
on the rack
Two for the price of starving.

In other news, poem #17 was captured in Queensland! The finder (a fellow librarian!) commented:

"On arriving at work today at Indooroopilly library I spied a playing card near one of the work stations. Who knew what a delightful treat it would turn out to be. Someone must have found it and handed it in. I was thinking of putting it into a book but our patrons are so lovely that anything they find in a book they always hand back in to us. I'm going to re-release it into the wild. Any requests/suggestions as to where?"

I like the idea of re-releasing! Perhaps a bookshop would be a good place?

Poem #20 will travel to Perth with friends, poem #21 is being posted to Wales for release. What larks.

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