Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bring on the Doctor

(based on suggestions from @RyanPaine and @johnnypurple)

Raining it down on the chameleon circus

Murky work bloody oath, no feeling you’ve earned it

Shank that new world from Tennyson to Lawson

Frame that shenanigan for someone who wants one

Who stoned the new crows, who pwned the few blows

That crowned that head steady among the fezz bluestones

Stay still a bit, feel the dust freefall

A kick up the bum for dropkicks to forestall

What were we thinking to travel in steamroll

It’s never a dud-dropper comin a cropper so

Keep your assonance we want an arsenal, mate

Fair suck of the sav, won’t a pot and a pav

Bring the Doctor back to us? It’s cactus.

Neighbours fighting Enders isn’t the fluff

To ready the credible against the inedible stuff

Who’s gunna bring it, hoods against Oods?

Even Tefnut and Tlaloc wouldn’t have stood

For Time Lord v. Strine Hoard, if we were good

Enough to call him in, enough to pull him

Women with red hair and red shirts

Pull till the call hurts

Singin out Doctor Doctor Doctor

Who have you been and where have you been to?

Floods we’ve been running

Thought you were coming

New rivers makin our hearts our hands hurt

We’ve got our work cut out for us huh?

Send the TARDIS already

We’re waiting with

Open arms we’re ready


Today's poem is based on suggestions from @RyanPaine, who wanted an Australianised assonance poem, and @johnnypurple, who wanted it to be about Doctor Who.

I may also have been listening to a fair bit of hip hop yesterday evening. Shame TZU wrote the line "bring on the Klingons" before I thought of it.

This one was extremely fun to write, and came out in such a rush that I had to type it into the notes page on my iPhone as I didn't have time to turn the laptop back on.


greenspace said...

love it! it really sings (or maybe raps) with joyful fun

Anna said...

I was laughing as I wrote it - well, snorting as I was trying to be quiet :)