Saturday, February 12, 2011


- in dactylic hexameter, as requested by @facelikethunder

Hundred and forty clicks later, we’ve cleared up the source of our heart beat.

Mistaken a reference to bowling for something Lebowski could favour

Punting our fingers upstream, a river of creatures to laugh over.

Autocorrect fills an evening, spreading that head with new branches

Tear out our breath with a star. Those pictures we made into saviours

Making them light is our talent. Making them float is our life raft.

Pin up the walls with new travellers, tuck their knees under the stage coach.

Awful and running, we halt. And halted, surprise with a blue box.

Sidelined by spirals of music. The 90s are back and it’s better than

School we remember. We play it much faster this time, play it better

Learn all the words we’d forgotten were waiting, question the new chords

Hundred and forty clicks later, we’ve noted it’s quicker to sing out.

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