Friday, February 11, 2011

Today's poem, nameless.

- For Kirsty, and Penni

Dream house of dark wood

I have brought my vinegar boy

to eat at Eglantine’s dark nights

and her novelties.

We strip the brown stairs

back to their brown skin

bend over to dip our

lids into the shock of a river.

There are mothers woven into

the worn carpets.

Rubies and aviaries

to thrill me onwards.

Blonde and eternal

Mahogany and punk

I bend the world like a bone

and long for this history.


Penni said...

Oh Anna! So beautiful. I will print this out and stick it on my study wall.

Anna said...

Oh I'm glad you liked it Penni.
I don't usually write my own poetry on my blog, so this is new.

Kirsty Murray said...

Utterly gorgeous. Thank you, Anna. All our motherly dreams overlap and entwine. More poems please.

Anna said...

Oh yay, Kirsty.
Maybe more poems on the blog, depending on...bravery.
Might be a good exercise at the moment. xxx