Friday, February 25, 2011


up my spine from your latest.

I excel at pretend sharing,

this is not how I dreamt it;

wearing my ring.

Yell ‘YES!’ every time

poetry most of the time.

What happens if you cut

the top shelf off the bookshelf?

Speaking as myself, off the cuff, is a challenge.

Caveat: I am no expert.

I’ll withdraw my condescension,

reserve the right.

Spoon some in my open upturned mouth?

Related to that: repeat in different ways our whole lives,

this is not an insignificant achievement.

Cry in front of everyone.

It just turned up in an image search,

promised a hot air balloon and a dinosaur.

The temptation is to frame this as well.

It does suck for a while

Put lovely photos around it

Tearful? Silly pictures sent your way.


This is an extra poem for today. When people tweet at me, I am often struck by the lovely structure in their words. So this poem is just from tweets I have been sent today. Just from today, and they're in chronological order - so the poem starts at the end of today, and ends at the start. That's a timeline for you. I haven't added any words at all to your words, I have only added punctuation and line breaks. There are some beautiful phrases being tweeted, I think. I wanted to show them off.

Contributors are:

@snazzydee, @sulphura, @anthonyeaton, @jellyjellyfish, @kumuda, @facelikethunder, @realnixwilliams, @timsterne, @twitofalili, @dogpossum, @matchtrick.

Nervous Writer Note: This is obviously taking liberties with your words, so let me know if you are unhappy with your letters being plundered like this, and I'll edit to remove. (I am just playing, I do not want to offend or unfriend.)


nixwilliams said...


Anna said...

I like "what happens if you cut the top shelf/off the bookshelf?"
It sort of sounds like a 'tree falling in the forest' question!

Tony said...

Not unhappy at all. Very, very happy, in fact.



Matchy said...

Try reading it in reverse: it works that way too!

Anna said...

Ha ha - it does too!

I rather like "What happens if you cut poetry all the time" in the backwards version.

:D Thanks Tony!