Thursday, March 24, 2011


(based on suggestions from @eglantinescake, Allysha, @jellyjellyfish, @matchtrick and Mark)

There is our boy! He left for a while

Is he gone to another school style?

Missed a file that couldn’t attach him

Shorty said he looks like Chaplin

The boot and booty combine. That’s fine

Extra points for including a trunk

Running to Bunnings, bring the pine funk

No one can escape if we follow your track

Extra defense against dark arts, we tweet your back.

It’s easier than weaning a teen off

Social media, speedier than stitching tacks

Backs and fronts put together, frakkin elephants

Ack, it’s irrelevant, unless it makes you laugh

Clings to a poem draft with the new raft of

Kickarse words, it’s no easy trick to play in the Blackbirds

We’ll sing us along with herds of swords

End up with new chords for broken wings

Mind-sharks follow us into the dark, like/unlike/love

I never let us vanish without a push to shove

Send it above with full best wishes

Samples of winning dishes, provisions for

Endless trips to our homepage below

Don’t ever think there’s valid reason to go.

Yes, we’re all a minority of one. Still making fun of each

Other, we’re schools of fishes pooling our faith in pictures

Underpinned puns against bed-time chimes; kept alive in rhymes.


Today's poem is based on suggestions from five peeps:

  • @eglantinescake: "Write a poem about teenagers and social media."
  • Allysha: "Kurt singing Blackbird on Glee"
  • @jellyjellyfish: "Sharks"
  • @matchtrick: "If your poem could help me with my possibly dreamt #trunkbummingelephant too, I'd be appreciative."
  • Mark: "because I am not in a minority, I can't make fun of anyone."

Today's poem is for friends who disappear, and then come back to us. And if they don't come back quickly, rest assured we will hound them like a pack of hounds. They are missed.

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Mark D Osborne said...

I like your rappin style, been followin' it non-twit for a while, but the next challenge for you is to write a poem that contains rhymes of satellite and orange.