Sunday, March 6, 2011


(based on suggestions from @ernmalleyscat and @matchtrick)

track future photos

edit roadworks

rickroll cars out

nick sharpies black fast

every thing climbs

so dig rocks up

rap it up rabbit outside

old factories at smoko time

arrive past bad coffee

dabble in funeral bells

grow bricks into a dam

right, be back after rain

always slick markers in my

felted left hand

icarus was a lighter

to anyone’s cigarette:

Texta sternly

Ink it quick

Mark it firmly


Today's poem is also - you guessed it - an acrostic, so read down the side, yeah? The line about 'funeral bells' is a play on 'Belgrave' (because I like cryptic crossword clues).

Based on suggestions/challenges from two peeps:

  • @ernmalleyscat: "smoko"

And this exchange:

  • @annaryanpunch: "@timsterne @pinknantucket There's actually a Ternes road in Upwey that I contemplated amending for you in sharpie and taking a photo of."
  • @matchtrick: "@annaryanpunch @timsterne @pinknantucket I may well do that now you've prompted me."
  • @annaryanpunch: "@matchtrick @timsterne @pinknantucket NEXT BLOG"
  • @matchtrick: "@annaryanpunch @timsterne @pinknantucket NEXT POEM"

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