Friday, March 4, 2011

Sheep for money

(based on suggestions from - deep breath - @sulphura, @MJPhotographer, @skippy_2, @jellyjellyfish, @GretasTARDIS, @tiggyjohnson and @xutraa)

A never-played symphony of hot days

skipped over summer this year. Left the

paddling pool withered in the shed,

dashed over in tights and boots.

We bake safely under the waves to dry

our flooded heads. Churn out secret biscuits,

hidden pancakes and congenial puffed muffins

under the watchful pearl eye of the

whiskey bottle. Coiled in an empty glass

is the most perfect green snake.

Jobs waver and glow like kelp underwater

swirling ocean night lights in the mind.

I’ll run away to work in Britain?

Workers there don’t fleece the welcome mat don’t

roll cocks back and forth like cigars don’t

pretend that sort of dried shit is merchandise

to feed a universal pet hate.

I’ve written it out loud - I’m not a sheep; I can’t.

Can’t do this/clean up/smile/earn/go

back for one more day. Sorry again.

But tiny riders saddle up, short horses sing back.

Wolves of our minds howl out

hungry for their silly bag of meat,

rake miniature famine down our backs

and plead for mercy. Where is our summer?

Will we forgive us ourselves?

Who will take the next order?


Today's poem is based on requests from seven peeps (SEVEN!):

  • @sulphura: "How about an Ode to the Summer that Never Was?"
  • @MJPhotographer: "sheep....(joking) how about swirling night lights" (I put the sheep in too)
  • @skippy_2: "The pearl eye of the most perfect green snake."
  • @jellyjellyfish: "Guilt. Redemption. Tiny horses"
  • @tiggyjohnson: "muffins!"
  • @GretasTARDIS: "pancakes! Britain!"
  • @xutraa: "Whiskey, welcome mats and BULL PEN…s" (I believe this is the first bull penis I've put into a poem)
This poem (believe it or not, I know it's a bit odd) is also about doing the hard stuff we have to do to keep going. Changing ourselves and our thoughts for the better, doing things we don't want to do - whether for money or love or family or obligation or just to assuage the guilt that comes from being a human out in the world with other humans.


Anonymous said...

guilt. appropriate. absolute guilt.

Anna said...

and that guilt, the entirely human.