Thursday, March 17, 2011


(based on suggestions from @realnixwilliams, @kissability, @GretasTARDIS and @ernmalleyscat)

oh how iHate

to get up in the morning

wait for an update

stalls everything else.

That syncing feeling

renamed my pod ‘Titanic’.

Wanted just a reminder

familiar footstep in the hall

soft padding kings and queens

of the Great American Songbook

Fading lossless feet

no more true crooners.

Music isn’t exempt from

entropy; follows

thermodynamics if you’re

romantic or not.

Can you hear them

In the iTunes corridor?

iThought not. Have to

gather back catalogues

burn them carefully down from

iWish to iFound to iHave

name them myself Track 01

one by one delete every i.


Today's poem is based on suggestions from four peeps:

  • @ernmalleyscat: "the feeling you get when you recognise the sound of the footsteps of a loved one."
  • @realnixwilliams: "entropy and the second law of thermodynamics"
  • @kissability: "Crooners."
  • @GretasTARDIS: "kings and queens"

It is also based on iTunes fury. All I wanted to do was find a Michael Feinstein song but NO I had to download an update that took forever and removed all the song titles from cds I had ripped myself, rather than downloading from iTunes store.

Rant over. Sorry.